Wrapped Flower Bouquets

Wrapped Flower Bouquets

Mar 08, 2023Matt Patrick
Now available for delivery… paper wrapped bouquets!

Looking for a new way to send and receive flowers? Paper-wrapped bouquets remove the fuss of an elegant arrangement and allow the recipient to use their own vase. A wrapped bouquet is the perfect solution if the cabinet above your refrigerator is overflowing with vases you keep meaning to take to Goodwill.

Choose the size and color palette, and we will select a lush assortment of the best blooms available. Wrapped bouquets will be delivered and ready to arrange. The stems will be wrapped in a wet toilette to ensure your flowers are happy until you can plop them in water. Surrounded by our signature pink paper and tissue, your flowers will be tied with a pink velvet bow.

At various price points, wrapped bouquets are an excellent way to send flowers from your favorite florist in Boulder.

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