Care for flowers

How to Care for Your Flowers

Jan 13, 2023Ari Patrick

Hooray! Someone sent you a fresh flower arrangement! To get the most out of your flower delivery, follow these easy steps-

  1. Happy flowers need fresh water. Change the water daily by pouring out the old and adding fresh, cool water. If you wouldn’t drink it, then the flowers won’t like it! 
  2. Keep your flower arrangement out of the sun. Unlike you, your flowers don’t need that amazing Colorado sun to keep them happy. Direct sunlight will cause them to wilt sooner than you would like. 
  3. Remove wilting flowers as your arrangement ages. There’s no need to throw everything in the compost bin at once! Pluck out the dying flowers so they won’t contaminate the heartier blooms. 

If you have questions about flower care or future flower deliveries, don’t hesitate to call or text Ari  720-689-3498

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